DATAMES system:

Datames is the automated software system that runs for many years, sold 600 times across roll shops around the world, and became the standard in roll inspection technology.

The Datames computer displays the two main types of defects, the spall (cracks) and hardness/structure changes (pinch/Bruises). If these defects are detected, the operator can carry out the necessary corrective grinding to remove the defects before the roll will be returned into the mill. The DATAMES system also has the possibility to store the information about the used grinding wheel, the hardness and roughness measuring, operator remarks and other information the operator would like to be stored during grinding.

The DATAMES system can be used with the Eddy Current technology (DATAMES ET), Ultrasonic Technology (DATAMES UT) and a combination of the two technologies (DATAMES COMBI). The DATAMES COMBI system is often equipped with a Ultrasonic Surface Wave technology (DATAMES COMBI/SW).