LISMAR Roll Inspection system (LRI):

The LRI software is developed as a general platform to perform roll inspections with 3 types of non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies:

- LRI E: system in combination with the Eddy Current technology.

- LRI U: system in combination with the Ultrasonic technology.

- LRI EU (S): system in combination with the LRI E and LRI U technology, often equipped with the Ultrasonic Surface Wave technology LRI EU (S).

Compared to DATAMES, LRI has improved detectability, higher sensitivity and improved distinction of real defects and side effects. LRI enables roll workshops to reduce the risk of letting    pass small, but still serious defects and prevents excessive stock loss on false crack indications.

This new Lismar LRI system can be used to integrate new functionalities to assist the roll workshops as well as roll manufactures.