Roll Inspection -  Eddy Current Technology

LISMAR developed an automatic roll inspection system based on Eddy Current Technology (ET). The ET Tester is a system which detects surface defects in rolls, which can and can not be found by visual inspection. The LISMAR ET Tester works with a Probe Positioning System (PPS) and LISMAR DATAMES. The LISMAR DATAMES computer is an integrated part of the ET Tester and displays the two main types of defects, the spalls (cracks) and Hardness/sctructure changes (pinch/bruises). If these defects are detected, the operator can carry out the necessary corrective grinding to remove the defects before the roll will be returned into the mill. The DATAMES system also has the possibility to store the information about the used grinding wheel, the hardness and roughness measuring, operator remarks and other information the operator would like to be stored during grinding.

The ET Tester will come as a turn key project including equipment, engineering, installation, training and commissioning.