Portable Calibration Unit (PCU):
The PCU can be used to calibrate the ET Tester and to check the operation of the ET Tester. The PCU has a small roll with a known defect, which turns at a predefined speed of 127 cm/s (50"/sec) which is powered by a DC motor. This DC motor is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The PCU set contains a PCU, a battery charger, a wooden PCU storage box and a PCU operators manual.

LISMAR Demagnetizing Unit:
During grinding it is possible that permanent magnetism arises. This magnetism may influence the ET measuring results. To get rid of this magnetism on the surface of the roll, we recommend the use of a demagnetizer. LISMAR supplies a manual demagnetizing unit, type Seltzer, with which the operator can easily demagnetize a roll. The demagnetizing unit operates on 220 Volts and the magnetizing force of this equipment is 245 Gauss. Additional we could supply a version with an attached rolling element. This rolling element is specially made to keep the demagnetizing unit at a predefined distance to the roll surface. For frequently degausing are automatic systems available.