Roll Inspection -  Ultrasonic Technology

LISMAR developed an automatic roll inspection system based on Ultrasonic Technology (UT). The UT Tester is a system which detects subsurface defects in rolls. The LISMAR UT Tester works with a Probe Positioning System (PPS) and LISMAR DATAMES. For testing coupling fluid, normally grinding coolant, is necessary. The LISMAR DATAMES computer is an integrated part of the UT Tester and displays internal cracks, mechanical and manufacturing defects, inclusions and debonding (in case of cast rolls) in the roll. In case UT subsurface defects are detected, LISMAR recommends to put the roll aside for further analyses.

The UT Tester can be used for both cast and forged rolls. Many of the UT Testers are used at roll manufactures sites.